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Luders 33 Prop Size?

I’ve got a ’66 Luders 33 with a 3GM30F engine. I have a photo of the markings on the Prop: D 14 12 but when measured from the center of the shaft the diameter appears to be close to a 12.
What props do folks have that have a 3GM30F?

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Masthead Shives Question

Shives forward

Shives Forward

Shives Aft

Anyone have same masthead? Hull #10 – trying to figure out how to safely remove shives/pulleys. Making sure they’re working correctly. No idea how long they have been in there without removal – bought boat in Sept. Did get 1/4 inch bolt out but rest does not easily slide out – didn’t want to damage. Looking for experience.

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Original chainplates

One of my upper shrouds busted loose – the chainplate was rusted through.  I am looking at replacing all chainplates now, I think they were all original. 

My 4 lower shroud chainplates are all encased in fiberglass.  Is this the original design?



Also, the backstay is encased in what looks like structural fiberglass.  Is this original as well?

Has anyone changed to an external chainplate for backstay or shrouds?  If so, do you have a picture you could share?

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Toe rail removal?

Hi all! 1st season with hull #16 and Cindy and I had a ball! We are out Pt Judith Pond (Wakefield, RI). Looking forward to meeting ya’ll over time and at winter dinner(s)? I have tons of questions; will start with this one…water coming in, apparently where deck and hull meet up; it is worse on a starboard r\tack with the port rail hard in the water, less so when starboard rail is “wet”. End result is sea water sloshing across the cabin sole when we come around…water is collecting in the locker on the downhill side and escapes when it becomes the uphill side. Suggestions? I believe this is going to entail taking off the toe rail and re-bed it. I am sure this is not a unique problem, so I will await your expert opinions! Best to all.

John Sorlien, Wakefield RI. Papermoon, hull #16.

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Crusader – Hull No 62 is For Sale

I am selling my L 33′ hull number 62

Awlgripped hull

Deck re painted last year professionally

New Westebeke diesel

Auto pilot under deck


New instruments


I am asking $35,000 and it is on my mooring in Padanaram


Let me know if you hear of anyone who maybe interested.


Neal Smith

617 921 6554

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