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The luder 33 was designed by Bill Luders, creator of the 1964 America´s Cup contender American Eagle.

107 boats were produced by Allied Boat Company fromr 1966 to 1974

Our Mission

To bring together like-minded boaters to share our experiences, adventures and knowledge.

Most of us have made substantial improvements and solved problems common to the L33. We try to bring together these ideas and experiences in order to help each other get the most out of our boating experience.

Hopefully this site will eventually help those who are too far away to join us at our Luncheons and Rendezvous.

About Us

We are a friendly group with about 35 of these fine boats in our organization. We meet for a Luncheon twice per year (North and South of Cape Cod) and sponsor a couple of Rendezvous each summer.

We have a library of Technical Articles with advice about solving maintenance problems common the L-33 and making improvements. Topics include: selecting the right prop, fitting and inner forestay, repairing leaks under the sea hood, etc.